Cairo 2019

Cairo is one place that I never expected to visit. Like everyone, it’s on the bucket-list of places everyone wants to go and see. This trip was mainly a work trip and I only managed to have one evening to go out and explore. I didn’t even see a pyramid while I was there but my colleague was kind enough to show us around old Cairo for one evening and took us see the Dervish Whirling dancers. Who knew anyone could spin for 30 mins straight!
SHOT: Nov, 2019
DESIGNED: Cairo, Egypt
CLASSIFICATION: Travel photography

Old Cairo

Walking through old Cairo was a delight, so all you video game nerds out there, all I could see were familiar looking buildings that I would normally be scaling in a game like Assassin’s Creed. Beautiful architecture that the city and the people seem to live together as one.


Cats of Cairo

While strolling around Cairo my colleague took us to a lovely closed off area to sit and drink tea. There were so many different types of tea that were an utter treat. While sitting and talking, a cat had come over to get some attention. Cat’s seem to be very much a part of the city, you can see them everywhere, walking along walls, sitting on car roofs or walking between alleys.
Cairo has a history of cats since the days of the pharaohs but to see them being largely excepted throughout the city is really interesting to see. While cats have become a big problem, the Egyptians also know that reducing the population means increasing the population of rats!